Mr. Kumar Sonawane

Secretary Message

Welcome To NICE Foundation,
Our team is working in education filed since long time. As per our experience Indian Education System is very huge & along with various faculties. We just analyse that Qualitative Education Ratio is very less. So we found that drawback & overcome to the decision that Improve the Quality of Education with using different ways of learning.

Each and every student has rights of education as per our government policy under “Sarva Shikha Abhiyan”. This is welcome things for the entire citizens but we need multiple choices with qualitative education for all the students. We are appreciating students having creativity, set of skills, technical activity, motive with innovations. Those how apart from this things, we are focus on them as well existing to build up their confidence level with Conducting Pre-Exams, Type of Courses, Personal Development Classes, Proper Guidance from Education Councillor, Information Technology Courses as well as Other Regular Courses from reputed Universities & Institutions. Each student has inbuilt potential of learning he not at all aware of that. And due to un excusable reason they can’t cope up with same. For this kind of students we also supporting & providing distance learning education the way of success career. Today’s students will be the future of our nation, we are now a part of one of the developing county & if we want to reach up to developed country till 2020 then we need focus & implement a global education with extraordinary skills. We NICE Foundation team are committing that we are doing some Hi Tech futures for education purpose to check self Focus, Quality, Ability, and Growth Level before you facing any kind objective exams. For the same reason & purpose we have already implemented NSE (National Scholarship Exam) for each level of students. Such like many of things we are going to implementing step by step accordingly.

So we need support from all the parents & students, Also require the suggestions & feedback from Education Expertise, Principles & Teachers. We are always ready to appreciate such kind of things.......
Thanks & Regards,

Mr. Kumar Sonawane

Co-Founder & Secretary, NICE Foundation